How can independent designers succeed in the fashion industry?

How can independent designers succeed in the fashion industry? - 99things

Many designers dream of breaking into the world of fashion and building their brands successfully. The potential of Switzerland is undeniable, but it is also a complex market with many cultural differences, local concentration and a textile tradition, receiving precious little attention and recognition. 

In an interview with Swiss Fashion Magazine Femina, Katia Vladimirova of the UNIGE Department of Sociology confirms: "The movement striving for minimalism, slow fashion, and even zero waste was already underway worldwide, but our recent research shows it gained more momentum with the covid crisis. The future of fashion is shifting towards more sustainable outfits that break free from new collections and seasons. People will increasingly turn to better quality clothes that they pay more for but will wear much longer."

This a blessing for independent fashion designers who rely on local production and short distribution chains and for the most part, abandon mass production in far-flung countries. In doing so, they create innovative and sustainable fashion at a fair price.


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